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George Clarke's Project Home (Working Title)

Channel 4


George Clarke is back with a brand new Channel 4 series.

We are looking for CHANGE OF USE projects that will end up as wonderfully designed homes.

In "Project Home" (working title) George follows those brave enough to turn old commercial and industrial buildings not previously intended to be lived in into extraordinary homes.

George says ”From pubs to police stations, banks to bakeries, factories to workshops; we have some incredible buildings that are an important link to our past. They all tell a story, and by making them personal projects we have a unique opportunity to write new chapters in the biography of a building’s life.’

To breathe life back into them, we need to convert them into homes for the future, and thanks to more relaxed planning regulations, it’s becoming easier.

If you own or have a client who owns a fantastic Change of Use project, then please send contact details and a brief summary to liberty@amazingproductions.co.uk or call 0207 819 0500.

Rural GPs Series (Working Title)

Are you a GP or GP trainee currently living, working or training in a town or city? Are you considering moving to a remote or rural Practice? We want to hear from you!

Amazing Productions would like to speak to GPs or GP trainees who are considering, or have accepted, posts in rural or remote areas, for a new documentary television series for a UK broadcaster.

If you or any of your colleagues fit this profile and are interesting in speaking with us as part of our research, please get in touch with Will Brown on wbrown@amazingproductions.co.uk

George Clarke's Old House New Home

Channel 4

Are you planning to transform the interior of your old house, but don't know where to start?
Do you want to create a stunning modern look but don't know which features to chuck out and what to cherish?

Architect George Clarke wants to follow your journey and help you to get the very best from your period home.

George Clarke's Old House, New Home is back on Channel 4 in 2018 for a second series. We are looking for people who own old properties in the UK to take part in programmes which follow transformational builds from start to finish, and celebrate the history of your home.

We are searching for homes of all sizes, and all architectural periods, including listed properties. Full finance must be in place, and planning permission if neccessary.

To apply please [DOWNLOAD THIS FORM] and return to: info@amazingproductions.co.uk

Ugly House to Lovely House

Channel 4

Are you living in an ugly house?
This is the series that offers home owners the chance to work with a top UK architect to transform their home from Ugly to Lovely.

If you have a budget for a major transformation but need some inspiration, please get in touch. Architect George Clarke and his team of top UK architects want to help you create aspirational, contemporary homes.

If you are keen to get the builders in as soon as possible, we would love to hear from you. 

To apply for a future series, please [DOWNLOAD THIS FORM] and return to: info@amazingproductions.co.uk 

Please note, we are no longer looking for applicants for Series 3, but do consider if your project would be suitable for series 2 of Old House, New Home (see above).

New Dating Series

New Dating Series
Are you a Brit living and working abroad who is desperate to meet that special someone?

We are looking for people living in interesting foreign locations who just cannot meet the love of their life. If this is you we would love to hear from you. Please send us a few details about yourself and we will be in touch.

Please email info@amazingproductions.co.uk

Alternatively you can complete the form below and we will get in touch to discuss all the details.

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